We offer a wide variety of Hydraulic Accessories for your Truck Mounted Crane and suitable Hydraulic Equipment.

A choice of the following accessories is available.

Additional Stabilisers
Two (2) Man Aerial Baskets
Radio Remote Controls
Brick Grabs
Manual Pallet fork attachment
Continuous Rotators
Scrap Handling Grabs in various sizes
Clamshell buckets
Log Grabs in various sizes
Tyre Handling Grab for various Tyre capacities
Auger Drills in various dimension sizes


Carrying a Six (6) warranty on all workmanship, you can be rest assured that all our Pre Owned equipment is fully Factory Refurbished and LMI Certified accordingly.

We stock a variety of used Truck Mounted cranes and equipment, varying from 3 t/m to 50 t/m at any given time.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out what we have available that will best suit your application.