HIAB loader cranes have set the standard since 1944. The reason is found in three words that are the essence of everything we do:


It all comes down to your success, which is why there are HIAB loader cranes for every purpose – all designed for long life at maximum efficiency. They give you not only the most capacity for the weight but also the speed, flexibility and precision to manage the toughest of tasks. And they make no compromises on safety or quality.

The following are just a few of the benefits to expect from your choice of HIAB.


From light tools to the heaviest lifters, there is a HIAB just right for you. Our experienced salespeople help you configure the crane that meets your needs and installation is always easy for your bodybuilder


No matter where you work with your crane, you are never far from our skills and expertise.  HIAB parts, service and support are available through the largest service network in the industry.


Safety – both for the operator and for those nearby – is the number-one priority with any HIAB product. HIAB cranes are packed with safety features that protect the operator and keep the crane and its load stable.


HIAB loader cranes are built for uninterrupted work, with high-tensile steel, high-quality parts, reliable seals and protective covers that resist weather and impact. Plus they undergo a punishing series of laboratory tests and field trials. All that means more time in operation – and less in the workshop.


HIAB loader cranes are durably built, but also easy to care for. That means they retain their worth and provide a consistently high resale value


Depending on your needs, you can choose between different control systems and stations. HIAB remote control systems are the most advanced on the market, providing smart functionality and added capacity when you need it. With the right control system, an expert operator can save a great deal of time on complex tasks.


With a HIAB, you get the lowest total cost of ownership on the market the result of slimmer operating costs, high job efficiency and high resale value.


Whether it is the installation of a loader crane, skip lift or Aerial platform onto a vehicle, you can be confident that using our installation services will provide the highest quality installation to your specification.
By working closely with vehicle manufacturers, we ensure we have the latest design guidelines and use up-to-date

stability calculation and design software. This ensures the installation is safe and conforms to the latest legislation.


A strong service network means your operation will experience minimum downtime.

We regularly check and verify the competence of all our service networks, along with the processes across the entire Hiab dealer network. Our entire support organization is set up to give you the best and quickest support you might need, anytime you need it.


Hiab’s fully accredited service personnel not only know everything there is to know about your product, but they also understand how important it is that swift service or repair time is essential to keeping downtime to a minimum.

Regularly trained to deliver world-class service to customers, their skills and expertise are at your disposal across the largest service network in the industry. Hiab also offers operator training. A skilled operator will use the product’s feature in an optimal way and work more efficiently.


Whenever you take delivery of a new Hiab product a warranty is included. Addressing any fault that might happen during your warranty period is part of our guaranteed customer care. Our confidence in the reliability and durability of everything we design and build means you can be confident that your product has what it takes to get the job done, day after day, week after week, year after year – and that we will be there should something go wrong.

All Hiab Products carry a FIVE (5) Year Structural Warranty and a Two (2) Year Warranty will cover Painting, Seals (both Internal and External) and Flexible Hoses.